Animated series
Tuqan Aimaq
This series of animated videos showcases all 14 states and 3 major city of Kazakhstan, with their history and unique qualities. Series was created as a part of TV campaing to celebrate 30 years of Independence of Kazakhstan.

The client wanted presentation videos that would have distinct visual style, without a feeling of an “explainer video”. Moreover, we wanted to create videos that would feel like
a story of the each state and not
a presentation.
We created 17 characters that would represent each of the state and city. To select each character we conducted thorough research of all the states for their distinctive economical or cultural feature. In addition, we developed a unique story for each of the characters, that would help built the narrative around the state.
National TV channel “Khabar”
Black and White
Video Production
•Designer and animator (7 videos)
•Supervisor (10 videos)
My Role
•Adobe Illustrator
•Adobe Photoshop
•Adobe After Effects/Element 3D
Tools Used
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