Promotional video
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by Ayan Kizabekova
Design task
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Hello, Exness team!

Thank you for the interesting creative challenge, I had a great time working on it.

What you'll see is the outcome of my design & animation process and 3 days of work.
Tilda Publishing
Produce a captivating video that showcases Exness's key features in a visually engaging and dynamic manner to attract new users.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects (and Element 3D)
Tilda Publishing
First, I conducted research on the various Exness channels, including YouTube, Instagram, the promotional website, main website, and app. The primary objective was to grasp the visual language employed by the company. Additionally, I explored promotional materials used by competitors and other companies.
As a result, I wanted the promotional video to be dynamic and engaging
to captivate the audience's attention effectively. Based on these insights, I curated the following mood board:
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In order to align the video with Exness' brand identity and enhance its visual appeal, I choose a dark theme. I broke down the script into a sequence of key visual scenes. Each scene was then roughly composed to ensure a smooth flow of animation and visualize the ideas more effectively. Additionally, I aimed to visually showcase Exness' key features, utilizing a combination of typography, 2D elements, and phone models.

The opening scene featured a rapid color transition, designed to instantly captivate the audience's attention and set the tone for the video.
Ideation & Storyboard
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I applied a dark theme to the company app's main and trading pages in Illustrator, while also recreating dark mode interfaces from the Exness promotional website.

Then, I collected realistic 3D mobile footage and designed 3D coins for with icons of stocks, commodities and currencies for the video. To ensure brand consistency and visual appeal, I used a color scheme of dark shades with occasional touches of yellow.

Gather assets
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First, I organized the scenes across the timeline, ensuring a clear and coherent progression. Then, I started to add keyframes to the main shapes and texts to accentuate the essential messages. To add depth, I used phone models and animate content within their screens. In addition, I added camera movement, creating a dynamic composition that engages the audience. Finally, I added 3d elements to enhace the overall impact, and reviewed the transition to ensure seamless flow.
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After editing all the main scenes, I added final touch ups. This included
using slight vignettes to enhance the main composition and utilizing expressions to ensure smooth and natural movements for some icons while refining various animations.
Next, I incorporated an energetic melody with a fast-paced beat to complement the video's overall vibe.

Lastly, I reviewed and organized all the assets and namings, eliminating any redundant footages and layers to maintain efficient project structure. With everything in place, I rendered the video, completing the post-production process.
Polishing and sound design
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Since final composition contained multiple sub-compositions, to resize the video promotion efficiently, I used plugin “True Comp Duplicator”. Plugin allows in one-click dublicate main comp and all the sub-comps inside, eliminating the need for manual copying and replacement.

In addition, I edited typography and layouts for specific scenes, optimizing them to be more mobile-friendly. This adaptation ensures the video maintains its visual appeal and readability across various mobile devices.
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My approach to work is adaptable and can change to suit the specific requirements of a task, whether I am collaborating with a team or working individually under a deadline. As creating promotional video is a collaborative process, that requires testing and performance analysis, I am open to creating multiple iterations of a project to achieve optimal results based on the feedback.

Thank you for your time and attention.
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