Documentary series
Culture of Indifference
"Culture of Indifference" is a documentary series that covers
cultural, historical, social and psychological aspects of citizens
unconcerned behavior about social well-being.

In 2020 there was a video of the seemingly sober man who spits in the elevator and, just, left. After that, more and more videos started to appear where people would destroy park benches and open stands, kill animals, etc.
We created documentary series with expert speakers to dissect such violent behavior of the citizens from a different point of view.
•Adobe Illustrator
•Adobe Photoshop
•Adobe After Effects
Tools Used
National TV channel “Khabar”
Design and animation
My Role
Black and White
Video Production
Title sequence
I gathered real videos of cruel and inappropriate public behavior to showcase the pure amount of such cases.
Episode titles
Each episode was about different culture and psycological aspect of the citizens behavior.
I used collage animation to demonstrate historal or fictinal examples to better show the speakers' points.
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