Documentary film
Agency of change
Film talks about the topic of govermental reforms:
what are the process for acceptence or rejection the reforms?

Title sequence
This movie demonstrates the portrait of the average governmental worker and what kind of process the worker should go through the reform to be considered and accepted. In addition, this documentary demonstrates the bureaucratic, and not only, obstacles that can prevent even the best reform to be approved and applied.
•Adobe Illustrator
•Adobe After Effects
•Adobe Photoshop
Tools Used
National TV
channel “Khabar”
Design and animation
My Role
Black and White
Video Production
Section titles

The film is divided into 4 sections. Each section is about different issues that come up in a reform approval process. The sections are introduced using short collage animation.
Section 1: Communication Failure
The first section of the film discusses how miscommunication between departments can lead to a failure in the processing of reforms.
Section 2: Priority of the process over the result
The second section talks about how following an ineffective bureaucratic process in Kazakhstan can slowdown the approval process.
Section 3: Corruption
The third section describes lobbying as a negative force that damages effective reform approval processes.
Section 4: Course of action
The final section offers several actions that can be taken by governmental officials to increase the efficiency of reform processing.
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